HomeWorks donates free roof for South Bend resident.

South Bend resident “scammed” by shady roofing company. HomeWorks steps up.

Nov. 5th, 2014 | By Mark Peterson, WNDU 16

A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of being able to help out a local South Bend resident who had been scammed by a so-called “roofing company”. They took her money, and then they ran. Our employees got wind of it, and so did WNDU 16. They did a story, and we were blessed to provide the free labor. A good day for HomeWorks, and a great day for the South Bend community!

Back in September, a South Bend senior citizen took her plight to police.

74 year old Rose Marciniak of River Park said she paid some $13,000 to shady contractors for promised home repairs that were never performed.
[/blockquote] Last weekend went a long way in helping to right the wrong.

While the two would-be workers Rose paid to show up—didn’t…
Some 30 volunteers from a local South Bend roofing company she never expected to show up—did.

It happened last Saturday. “They were wonderful people they was,” said Rose Marciniak. “You know they really helped me out a whole lot.”

“I expected five people at most so I brought some coffee and some doughnuts and to show up here and see like 30 plus people here, like, we were all in shock. It was amazing,” said Felicia Marciniak, Rose’s granddaughter.

All the extra laborers came in handy, because the job turned out to be bigger than expected. “It turned into something more than that, an entire day, six hours working with our team and our guys out here,” said Adam Brown of Homeworks, a home improvement firm that coordinated the job. “Ended up getting into the roof four layers, having to replace rafters, new decking, and putting on new shingles.”

Adam Brown says the idea of helping Rose started with one of Homework’s roofers. Shortly after he brought Rose’s plight to light–some 30 volunteers had signed up to help. For us, it’s a no brainer,” said Adam Brown.

Read the full story and watch the video HERE

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