Choosing a South Bend Remodeling Contractor

~Choosing a South Bend Remodeling Contractor~

When choosing a Remodeling Contractor, these few tips will help ensure whether the process is peaceful or fodder for future campfire stories.

Referrals and Reviews:

We use reviews to check the quality of most everything we purchase these days so it should be no different when you are hiring a  South Bend Remodeling Contractor. Start with the big ones like Google, The Better Business South Bend Remodeling ContractorBureau,  Facebook and Angie’s List and you will quickly find whether or not  this is a company worth making it on your short list.  Pay attention to not only the amount and quality of the reviews that have been posted, but also check the dates. How many do they have in the last 3-6 months.


Expertise and Qualification:

Insurance: This is a huge part of the equation that you need to ensure you get from your remodeling contractor. Correct insurance in the construction industry is not inexpensive, so the more unscrupulous or unsuccessful contractors will let it lapse or not carry the correct kind.  Insurance protects you in the event that a worker is injured on the job, or does damage to your home.

Stability: The Remodeling industry is very easy to get into and because of this everyone and their brother is a “contractor”. However, it takes years to learn the craft and an equally long time to perfect the business side of the equation. You should look for a remodeling contractor who has an established business with well thought out systems and methods.

  • Do they have a physical office location?
  • How far back does their online presence go?
  • Is their website updated?
  • Are their vehicles and employees easily identifiable?
  • Are they apart of local professional organizations like the Home Builders Association (HBA), or the Chamber of South Bend Remodeling ContractorCommerce?

You can learn a lot from your remodeling contractor by the quality of the estimates

Your Remodeling Contractor’s Paper Work

You can learn a lot from your remodeling contractor by the quality of the estimates, contracts and other documents they provide you. A contractor who is sloppy here tends to have the same issues throughout the entire project.

Sales Materials: Are the sales materials well thought out and put together?  Good remodeling contractors take pride over every facet of customer contact.  If you can see they have spent time crafting a pleasing image here, there is a good chance they have taken the same kind of care throughout the rest of the business.

Estimate: Make sure that the you ask if they will be giving you a detailed line by line estimate. There is a tricky tendency on the part of some businesses to quickly throw together an estimate knowing that they’ll be able to get you on the back end with change orders.  Even ask to see a sample estimate.

Contract: Make sure that at a minimum, the following details are spelled out in the contractSouth Bend Remodeling Contractor

  • What is the process for change orders?
  • What is the payment schedule?
  • Do you get charged a fee if you pay by credit card?
  • What happens if the job takes longer than planned?
  • What’s the process for settling disputes?
  • What’s their warranty information


What you are looking for is a full continuation of professionalism from start to finish.  If multiple people have given good reviews; they have provided you with a clear and detailed estimate;  the contract contains all the pertinent information, then you have an excellent reason to believe that you remodeling experience will be a smooth and headache free.


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