Wind, Water and Fire Damage Restoration Services


South Bend Wind, Water and Fire Damage Restoration:

Wind, water and fire damage restoration is a challenging process. Without professional support, you may not even know the true extent of the damage. Home restoration after a fire or weather damage is not a DIY project. Hiring the right South Bend Restoration Services contractor to restore your home makes a world of difference in your experience.

When a wind, water or fire disaster occurs, it’s important to have an experienced contractor assess and assist in the mitigation and re-construction process. The quantity of issues to be taken care of can be overwhelming and the paperwork, personal items and the time away from work can leave you flustered. When you have wind, water or fire damage it’s not the time to call your “contractor friend”.south bend construction expectations


No matter the size of your home, we will work with you to get things back to normal. We will help you in assessing property damage, and provide advice on how best to restore. We are also ready to begin the process of damage restoration with our team of experienced professionals to quickly clean up and restore your home and possessions to pre-loss state.



Water Damage Restoration Services:

Water damage may be caused by a rain water, frozen pipes, an overflowing stool or a variety of other causes. According to Claims Magazine (an industry magazine ), water damage accounts for the second highest number of homes damaged and claims made (after hurricanes) in the US.water-damaged-bedroom

HomeWorks makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and processes to restore your home or business. This includes the following services:

  • Assessment and evaluation of the initial loss affected structure and/or contents.
  • Inspection of the damaged area with industry specified meters to determine the moisture content.
  • Drying and extraction of water, focusing on removing possible sources of mold, odor or damp smells.
  • Treatment, disinfecting and deodorizing of affected area.
  • Categorizing and disposal of all damaged personal effects as directed by the homeowner.
  • Contents claim inventory services
  • Reconstruction of the damaged area


Fire Damage Restoration Services:

The process of cleaning up a home that has experienced extensive fire damage can be emotionally exhausting. Fire damage is one of the most expensive and usually arbitrary forms of destruction that a homeowner can live through. The initial step to take when a fire outbreak occurs (after you’ve called 911)  is to contact  your insurance provider to report the incident.

The fire damage restoration process commences immediately after the Fire department certifies the property safe for entry. The insurance company will send a claims adjuster to your property to assess the loss. An insider tip is to have your restoration contractor also write a reconstruction scope to ensure everything is included.  HomeWorks will work closely with your insurance agency and make sure your losses are correctly estimated to cover all insurance restoration works required.

After a fire outbreak, finding the importance of finding right professional to handle your fire restoration work cannot be overstated. Our fire damage restoration services go beyond fixing the house and the walls, we restore everything affected by fire, smoke or

  • Securing the home with the help of the Fire Department to ensure entry is risk-free and safe for inspection by insurance loss adjustors
  • Emergency cleaning to remove smoke and soot residue on sensitive materials like photographs and paintings
  • Fire damage source removal and cleaning. This involves using HEPA vacuums, cleaning solutions and other specialized equipment to remove the traces of fire, smoke or soot from the furniture, flooring and other parts of the home.
  • Removing content for thorough cleaning and restoration. We can also help inventory, document and store everything recoverable from the home
  • Complete structural repairs on all fire damaged areas.
  • Odor removal using hydroxal and ozone equipment


Wind Damage Restoration Services:

Heavy storm winds can cause hazardous conditions such as tree branches and trunks, fallen power lines, and other high velocity debris. When wind damage occurs, our repair specialists will ensure that your home is secured until the damage can be properly evaluated and an action plan agreed upon. Roof tarping and boarding up of damaged areas will prevent further loss from weather elements or trespassers.

HomeWorks offers 24/7 emergency storm damage assistance. This is designed to help you through the process of mitigating the damage done and getting the job done right with minimum fuss. We assist with:wind-damaged-house

  • Tree removal ( from both structure and grounds )
  • Roof damage repairs – roofs are very vulnerable during wind storms and need to be prioritized during restoration
  • Insurance restoration claim assistance during assessment by insurance-appointed adjustors.

Whatever damage you may have experienced, wind, water or fire damage,  we are equipped to handle all your insurance restoration needs. Homeworks Construction and Restoration is the leading Insurance Damage Restoration company in the greater South Bend area. ( Check out our reviews from Google, Facebook or the BBB ) Our responsive, experienced specialists will take care of your reapirs quickly and efficiently. We will provide you with a detailed assessment of the wind,water or fire damage to your property, and provide you an estimate of the amount of money and time it will take to get your home back to pre-loss condition. We’ve developed relationships with local and national insurance companies which allow us to often expedite the process in order to get you back in your home in a much shorter period of time then our competitors.


Need our help? Call our hotline at  574-318-9675 or send us a message.

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