Using Pinterest for remodeling ideas.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
It’s doubly true when it comes to inspiration for home remodeling. Aunt Clarice can spend 20 minutes on the phone telling you that her new kitchen is the bees knees, or she can send you a snapshot and suddenly you are right there with her, lusting after a chef’s dream domain.

South Bend Remodeling Ideas from Pinterest

pinterest south bend remodeling ideas

A remodeling company should be happy to work with you from scratch, but also love it when you come in with pictures. If you’re in the South Bend area, we’d love to be that firm. Based on your inspiration photos, we can help you to integrate multiple South Bend Remodeling ideas, and understand feasibility and cost implications of certain choices.

But where do you go for design ideas? Twenty years ago it was likely remodeling magazines and those are certainly still around and still full of possibilities. However, increasingly frequently, people are turning to Pinterest for free home design inspiration.

You may have heard of Pinterest, but perhaps have not tried it out, or are unsure what it could possibly have to do with home remodeling. Today, we’re going to get you up to speed and give you some guidance on a few places to get started.

What is Pinterest and Why do I Care?

Go ahead and skip this section if you’re already a Pinterest fan. Go right to our list of Pinterest pages for remodeling inspiration. But if you need more of the basics, we’ve got you covered in this ultra-short FAQ:

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a platform for sharing resources found on the web. Individual pinners host millions of pages, each dedicated to a specific topic, from aardvarks to ziplining. There, pinners add “pins” that focus on the page’s topic. Each pin includes a photo, a few words, and a link back to the picture’s origin. You’ll often find multiple pages devoted to the same topic, but with slightly different takes on it.

Why do I care? If you are remodeling, Pinterest is absolutely chock-a-block full of inspiration. You can find a page (and often tens of pages) dedicated to your remodeling topic and browse through tons of photos to come up with South Bend Remodeling ideas. Someone has already narrowed things down for you, pulling together lots of ideas and resources in one place. Pinterest has thousands of pages dedicated to every possible aspect of homebuilding and remodeling. We’ve identified a few below to get you started.

You can use Pinterest as strictly a passive user, where you simply look through pages for that perfect design inspiration. But Pinterest’s strength comes from your also being able to create and add pins to your own page. You can add from existing pins or from other items you find on the web. Your “South Bend Remodeling Ideas” page can be public or private, and can serve as where you gather all your ideas in one place. Think of it as sort of like a big cork board where you’re pinning photo ideas as your planning progresses.

Pinterest is completely free, but you’ll need to make an account to begin using it. In less than five minutes, you’ll be up and running and ready to browse. Two minutes more and you’ll have your own page set up and ready for your own selections.

5 Pinterest Pages for Remodeling Inspiration

Here are just a few of our favorite Pinterest sources for remodeling inspiration:

Bathrooms: Lauren Miller’s Dream Bathroom Oasis Pinterest Page revels in soaking tubs, walk in showers, and beautiful tile and marble. Her aesthetic tends toward clean, neutral tones.

Kitchens: Reagen’s Kitchen Design Pinterest Page has wonderful inspiration for both overall kitchen renovation, and updating existing spaces, including some wonderful options for kitchen storage solutions.

Basements: Jessie LaFlace’s Basement Remodels Pinterest Page looks at everything from the space under the stairs to full floor revamps for your basement. She’s got examples to fit every budget and style.

Aging in Place: Jamie Cuthbertson’s Aging in Place Pinterest Page is full of adaptation ideas with photos that illustrate the concepts that we discussed in our earlier Aging In Place and Universal Design article. It’s wonderfully curated, active, and expansive.

Storage: The Storage Storage Storage Pinterest Page from Dream Plan Play is chock full of ways to maximize your space. You’ll find everything from improving your drawers to turning a closet into an office nook.

Follow Dream Plan Play’s board Storage Storage Storage on Pinterest.

Do you have a favorite to share? What Pinterest boards have you used to come up with South Bend Remodeling Ideas? Add it via the comments below, we’d love to know where you’re turning for your inspiration.

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