Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty for a South Bend Roof?

HomeWorks Workmanship = Peace of Mind
The owner must call, fax, email or give written notice to HomeWorks within 5 days of discovering a possible South Bend workmanship warranty issue. By the owner notifying HomeWorks, the owner also authorizes a full investigation and inspection of the affected area to determine the cause of the possible issue.

lifetime_warrantyUpon the investigation and inspection of the affected area, if HomeWorks determines that the reported workmanship warranty issue was caused from improper workmanship performed by HomeWorks, the repair will be performed at no charge to the homeowner. The determination of whether the issue is covered by this warranty shall be at HomeWorks’ sole discretion.

Should the investigation and inspection reveal that the reported warranty issue was caused by something other than the workmanship performed by HomeWorks, the repair costs will be paid by the owner. Failure by the owner to pay this cost shall render this warranty null and void.

If the cause of the warranty issue is determined by HomeWorks to be outside the scope of this warranty and/or related to something other than the initial work performed by HomeWorks, HomeWorks shall advise the owner of the type and/or extent of repairs required to be made at the owner’s expense, which if the owner properly makes, will permit this warranty to remain in effect for the unexpired portion of its term. Failure by the owner to make these repairs in a reasonable manner of time will render this warranty null and void.

No alterations shall be made to the initial work performed by HomeWorks. HomeWorks must perform all repairs or pertinent improvements for the duration of the warranty.

HomeWorks shall have no obligation and/or responsibility for this warranty if damage occurs due to negligence, misuse, or abuse on the behalf of the customer, acts of God or performance of work at the site by a party other than HomeWorks. Owner is responsible for the care and maintenance of the work performed by HomeWorks.

* HomeWorks warrants all workmanship for the lifetime of the installation. The warranty applies only to labor and does not include the products themselves. Product warranties will vary based on the manufacturer.

The parties hereby waive their right to a trial by jury. In the event that litigation is necessary to resolve any disputes under this warranty, the parties expressly agree that said suit would be heard in a court of competent jurisdiction in St. Joseph County, Indiana. Customer shall pay all HomeWorks legal fees in connection with any such litigation.

This warranty is good as long as the homeowner owns the home and is transferable one time to a buyer of the home for an additional 10-year period.

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