Kitchen Remodeling – 5 Trends to watch in 2019

Kitchen Remodeling Trends – 2019

Every homeowner wants a well-organized and efficient kitchen regardless of its type and size. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen in 2019, we’re way ahead of you. Let’s look at the top five kitchen remodeling trends in 2019.


1: Smart Storage

You can get more usage for your existing space without breaking the bank. There are many custom storage options that will unclutter your kitchen and increase your efficiency. Some of these are

  • Corner Drawers – This improved corner cabinet gives you better access to items inside a corner without kitchen-remodeling-trends-corner-drawersbending over and overreaching inside.
  • Multi-Functional Islands – Next generation Island units do more than increase storage space and work space. Storage units below can accommodate small appliances and stay hidden. You can also include portable cabinet units that you can move around as needed. An integrated chopping board on the top can also make it a brilliant multipurpose piece without costing you any additional real estate.
  • Under-Sink Drawer – The drawer keeps cleaning supplies close by. A slide out organizer increases its - trends - under sink drawer
  • Spice Storage – This rack design on cabinet doors has proved popular for small jars and spice bottles. It is very practical and easily adaptable by your contractor.
  • Dish Drawers – By using dish drawers with adjustable pegs, you can have easier access to china dishes and other breakables. Dividers and inserts also allow for better organization of different sized plates, pans and utensils
  • Pull Out Drawers – it works great for pots and pans. Put these in deep cabinets to make better use of the corners


2: Good-bye Granite – Hello QuartzWhite-quartz-countertop

A favorite for what seems decades, granite is finally making way for other surfaces like quartz. 




3: Open Shelving

Make your kitchen feel larger by getting rid of some of that upper cabinetry in order to utilize open shelves. Show off your creative side by highlighting cookware, serving dishes and more. 


4: Kitchen Lighting

A well-lit work area is a safety essential in a kitchen. Lighting can also be used to create ambience. Having so much more cabinetry and appliances means more light is required. The key to good kitchen lighting is to rely on a cast of lighting sources and to layer your task, and accent or decorative lighting with natural light.


  •  Windows – It’s the most important source of natural lighting. One large window at the end of a gallery-style kitchen can provide strong natural light. Install simple window blinds to adjust the intensity as desired. We always suggest incorporating as many windows as possible into our kitchen remodeling designs.
  • Cabinet Lighting – In 2016, we used cabinet lighting extensively to brighten up our kitchens.  Low voltage LED light strips above cabinets and under-cabinet task and accent lighting are becoming the norm. In-cabinet lighting highlights your favorite dishes and accessories.
  • Big and Bold Fixtures – Go modern with a large pendant, decorative chandelier to add a light focal point to your kitchen. Alternatively, you can go traditional and use a lantern or hanging ceiling lights to cast a warm glow over your kitchen island. Make sure to keep these fixtures about 30 inches above an island, peninsula, or table, but might be higher if you are taller or are placing the light over a raised surface or an area such as a cooktop.

5: Two Tone Cabinetry:kitchen-remodel-2-tone-cabinetry

The all white or cherry kitchens are gone. Try mixing it up with different colored upper and lower cabinetry. 







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