Green Remodeling

Let’s talk about going green.

Thankfully, we’re not talking about reviving that retro look and painting your living room the ugly avocado color from the 1970s. Instead, we’re thinking about going green by attending to environmental considerations.

green remodeling

Green remodeling can be not only good for the earth and good for your health, but also good for your pocketbook in terms of saving money and increasing your home’s resale value. Green remodeling refers to attending to three key considerations during the remodeling process:

Increasing energy efficiency: An energy efficient home consumes less energy through using energy efficient lighting, appliances and HVAC systems, leveraging natural lighting, heating and cooling options, and ensuring that heated or cooled air does not escape the home.

Decreasing non-renewable resource consumption during construction: This may mean choosing locally-sourced building products, products made with recycled content, products produced efficiently, products made to last longer, and products made from renewable resources. It can also mean choosing designs that require fewer resources to build.

Improving home systems for reuse and recycling: Many remodels now incorporate an interior space custom designed for recycling. On the exterior, you might choose a composting area or space for a garden.

How does all of this affect resale value for your home? Demonstrating your home’s green credentials will appeal to a certain segment of the market seeking an environmentally friendly home option. Demonstrating your home’s low heating and cooling bills will appeal to an even larger group seeking to stretch their budget. At the end of the day, everybody likes to save money. You can’t go wrong with green.

We’ll break down these issues further in later articles. For now, suffice it to say, if you’re ready to talk green remodeling, so are we. If you’re in the South Bend area, give HomeWorks a call today at 574.318.WORK.

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