7 Can’t miss bathroom remodel tips

Thinking about a bathroom remodel?

Winter is the perfect time for a bathroom remodel, whether you want to update one facet or re-envision the entire room. You don’t necessarily need to renovate the full space to realize significant aesthetic and functional improvements. Let’s consider just a few of the possibilities:

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Counter and Sink: Changing out your bathroom counter top and sink can provide the most visually arresting update for your investment, when it comes to a new bathroom remodel. New vessel sinks harken back to the days of the washbasin but in a modern form. Integrated sold surface one piece sinks and counter tops create an ultra sleek design. Glass and stone surfaces are naturally elegant. We can help you in selecting options that are both beautiful and durable, and to understand what differences in materials mean for long-term care and maintenance.

Showers: Large, walk-in showers are increasingly popular and can seamlessly blend luxury and universal design [link “universal design” to previous UD/AIP article]. Shower fixtures include waterfall and rainwater options, as well as multilevel/multihead showers that clean you from stem to stern. Water, moisture, soap, and daily wear and tear can be particularly hard on showers and you may want (or need) a tear out and refresh with new tile or a new surround when your shower begins to show its age.

Tubs: Deep soaking tubs offer luxury and a spa-like experience. Freestanding possibilities range from classic cast iron claw foot options, to updated pedestal versions in acrylic and copper. Stunning modern tubs often include integrated whirlpool aeration. Tubs built for two can be enjoyed by you and a (close) friend. Many new tubs are even specially designed to fit perfectly in an existing space when needed.

Storage: Bathrooms seem never to have enough storage. And, what storage is available often does not match home-owners needs, whether they be to accommodate linens and towels or cosmetics and styling gadgets. Organization systems can maximize the usable space in existing closets, drawers, and under-sink areas. Exchanging out existing cabinetry altogether provides opportunities to update and restyle. At the other end of the spectrum, adding pocket shelves between studs creates a modern look while increasing display space, and increasing open and closed shelving may press currently unused areas into service.

Lighting: Bathrooms demand both broad ambient and task lighting, so make sure you consider this when beginning a bathroom remodel. Ambient lighting fills the room, while task lighting is directed at a specific area to illuminate makeup application or shaving. Be sure to include lighting above the shower or tub or you’ll find yourself lathering in darkness, and specialized task lighting if you like to read while taking a bubble bath. This Old House has a great article available to help you understand the intricacies of bathroom lighting considerations.

Flooring: Imagine walking into your bathroom and the gorgeous tile floor is cool in summer and warm in winter. An affordable luxury, radiant heat flooring can reduce your overall heating bills while significantly increasing comfort. Alternatively, consider sealed wood or bamboo for a warm, natural look. Tiles that look like wood are a newer alternative that offer you the best of both worlds.

High tech: The sky’s the limit when it comes to integrating the newest and niftiest into your inner sanctum. Mirrors with televisions built right in. Smart glass partitions that go from clear to frosted in a millisecond. Sound systems that elevate your singing in the shower to whole new levels of magnificence. Let’s talk tech if you’re up for the latest and greatest, or even if you just want to be able to listen to the radio while you brush your teeth.

We can help you to remodel and revitalize your bathroom on almost any budget. From updating the basics to creating the bath of your dreams, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Call HomeWorks today at 574-318-WORK for an initial consultation.

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